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Sir Alex Ferguson - Trainer von Manchester United

Sir Alex Ferguson - Trainer von Manchester United

Sir Alex Ferguson ist nun seit mehr als 39 Jahren Trainer des englischen Rekord-Clubs Manchester United. Kein anderer Top-Club auf der Welt hat so lange an einem Trainer festgehalten. Im Jahr 1989 stand Manchester United vor dem Abstieg in die zweite englische Liga, was zweifelsohne die Kündigung für Sir Alex bedeutet hätte.

Die Wende kam würde in zwei Schicksals Spielen vollzogen. Ein Unentschieden für den Klassenerhalt und ein Sieg im FA-Cup Finale und somit der erste Titel für Manchester United. Der Rest ist Geschichte: Manchester United war das Team der 90er Jahre. Champions League Gewinner, fünf mal englsicher Meister, mehrfach FA-Cup Gewinner und auch den UEFA Cup konnten Sie gewinnen.

CNN International hat nun ein Interview von Sir Alex Ferguson veröffentlich, welches wir hier zur Verfügung stellen dürfen. Vielen Dank dafür an CNN International und nun zum Interview.

“At Manchester United, we don’t just build footballers in terms of ability, but in character, as human beings. We have got some good young players that have come through the system, understand the club, are loyal to the club, and therefore we can build through that… Manchester United over the years have been able to develop their own footballers that have come up through the top. Players like Giggs, Beckham, and before that Bobby Charlton.“

Interview mit Sir Alex Ferguson von Terry Baddoo von CNN international:

Speaking to CNN’s Terry Baddoo in an exclusive one-to-one interview during Manchester United’s recent tour of the USA, Sir Alex Ferguson has revealed that despite the fan’s ongoing protests against the Glazer Family, he has had “no complaints” about the way that the club’s owners have done their job.

Terry Baddoo: Its fair to say there are few more iconic names in English Football and perhaps in World Football than Manchester United and Sir Alex Ferguson. For the last 24 years Fergie, as he’s known, has led the Red Devils on a trophy hunt that has defines the notion of success. Since he took over in 1986, the Red Devils have won English Premier League crowns to take their total to a record equalling 18 league titles overall. They have won the FA Cup five times, the League Cup four times, the old Cup Winners Cup once and the holy grail the European Champions league twice. So having seen and done it all, what keeps Fergie motivated, as he nears a quarter-century in charge?

Alex Ferguson: Well a lot of factors come into it, but the most important thing is that I’m at the right club. This is a fantastic club that demands a challenge all the time, every day of every year, we have the challenge of being at the top, and I think that helps me. The second thing you need is good energy, natural energy. I’ve been blessed, I’ve been fortunate with that. The third thing is to keep going as long as my health keeps going, which is the same advice to every person. I’m now 68, and so far my health has been standing up. These are factors that are important. Also the opportunity to work with good footballers, with good desires and good purpose about themselves. At Manchester United, we don’t just build footballers in terms of ability, but in character, as human beings, to understand their responsibilities. I think that the response I’ve had over the years that has been good. People I’ve worked with, the younger players, as well as the older ones, have a great response to the demands of the job and understand the job, and I think that’s important.

Terry Baddoo: Working with good footballers come with the territory at United who have signed or produced some of the best in the game during Fergie’s reign. From Eric Cantona, David Beckham, Christiano Ronaldo to the current king of Old Trafford, Wayne Rooney. That said, with United in debt to the tune of $1 billion, Fergie is cautious before spending what he calls ‘silly money’ on players.

Alex Ferguson: I think it effects the supporters mentality of that, how much money a player is getting paid. Not just for the transfer fees but for the salaries, and I don’t think it rests easy for the supporters. But we’re in such a competitive world now that you’re hamstrung in relation to the borders that people are stretched to get the best players. Over the years, you know, we’ve bought players at high amounts, Berbatov 30 million, Rio Ferdinand, 20 million, Veron, 24 million Wayne Rooney, 25 million. We try to equate how we’re going to give proper value before we do it. We get quite a good view about it, we look at the players and ask do they have the ability, how much can we trust them and do we see a top player in that young player. And I think the position that we’re in now is, when I see some of them with the values, you’re talking 40 million, 30+ million- we have to assess our own players first. We’re not bad, we got some good young players that have come through the system, understand the club, are loyal to the club, and therefore we can build through that.

Terry Baddoo: As I mentioned, United’s ongoing reinvention is taking shape in the shadow of a mountain of debt and fan unrest over the dealings of the Glazer family who own the club. But there is a silver lining; as in the current Forbes list of the most valuable sports teams, United has been placed on top, valued at $1.83 billion. Whats more, Fergie says that the criticism of the Glaziers is kind of overblown.

Alex Ferguson: The debt has come through the club being bought by the owner. And you know fine and well that no matter what businesses are bought nowadays, they shouldn’t be bought with debt, isn’t it? Because it is a football club, it seems to attract a different table of negative reporting via the media or particularly from some of our fans. What Manchester United Football Club, when it went PLC, without doubt, it was always going to be bought then. The minute it went PLC, somebody was going to buy it. It was inevitable. It is unfair because a particular family like the Glaziers have bought it, they should come under criticism because anybody could have bought it. I have to say they’ve done their job well. They’ve supported myself, the manager, the players, I’ve never been refused money, but what can I do other than carry on the way we are doing it. I have no complaints.

Terry Baddoo: For a manager renowned for railing against the system, the phrase “no complaints” is a big deal. And during our pre-season chat in Philadelphia, there was no signs of the one-dimensional Mr. Angry we read about so much in the tabloids. Instead, there was a coach in love with his club and determined to leave a legacy.

Alex Ferguson: What you have to do is maintain the success of the club and make sure that no matter when I quit, the club is always in good hands. And that’s where I come back to the point of having young players. There is no need for a complete overhaul of the playing squad. The squad I’ve got at the moment, I’ve got probably 12 players all under 21 which is a fantastic average of age- the future should be pretty secure with them. The area which whenever I do go, and I don’t see that being tomorrow, I go back to the other point- having my health is important, If I have my health I can carry on. But there will be a point also where I do quit. When it is, I’ve got absolutely no idea. I tried that a few years ago, absolute disaster, it was absolute agony, and my wife made me change my mind. She was dead right, she’d get fed up with me in the house, but I know when the time comes, we should be OK,

Terry Baddoo: Sir Alex Ferguson, he’ll certainly be a tough act to follow. I’m Terry Baddoo

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