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David Backham im Interview

David Backham im Interview

Beckham remained tight-lipped when asked by CNN’s Amanda Davies what his role would be in the Olympic ceremony.

DAVID BECKHAM, LONDON 2012 AMBASSADOR:  No, I’m not allowed to.  But it’s exciting.  I’m excited to be part of, obviously, such a huge occasion for our country and for everybody involved in this games.  It’s exciting to have Olympic Games in  the East End of London, and for myself to be a part of that is – I’m very honored.


AMANDA DAVIES CNNI:  Will your role involve children?

BECKHAM:  Um, no, I don’t think it does, actually.  I don’t think it does.

DAVIES:  Animals?


DAVIES:  Footballs?


DAVIES:  Flames?

BECKHAM:  I think I might have one.

DAVIES:  Fabulous.  I like to hear that. Good.  As you said, you know, you’ve been grown up in London.  How exciting is it to see this now with just a couple of days to go?

BECKHAM:  Yeah, obviously it was seven years when this whole process started, and you know, as being part of bringing the games to a part of London where I grew up.   You know, it’s exciting to see everything come together.  I was at the stadium yesterday, and I’ve not been there for a few months, and to see the change that’s happened, and also to see the change that’s happened around the area as well – it really is incredible.  And it’s – you can feel the atmosphere building around the stadium now, and it’s great to see the athletes arrive and the interest become bigger.

DAVIES:  How many events will you actually get to go and see?

BECKHAM:  I don’t know, yet.  You know, obviously I’ve got a busy week.  But there will be a few events that I’m hoping to get to, and take my kids down to.  So it will be fun, hopefully.

DAVIES:  Will you watch the GB football team?

BECKHAM:  Um, I’ll probably watch them on telly.  You know, I’m interested in all the GB athletes.  I think it’s important for us to support every one of them.  You know, it’s such a huge occasion, and a huge sporting occasion.  We’ve got so much talent in our country.  You know, it’s exciting to have so much on display.

DAVIES:  You’ve met a whole host of fantastic sports people, fantastic athletes.  Who’s been the most impressive for you?

BECKHAM:  I think meeting people like Muhammad Ali, you know, for me, when I met him for the first time, that was kind of – because I don’t think there is a bigger sporting icon in the history of sport than Muhammad Ali.  He stood for so many amazing things and did so many amazing things.  You know, his whole career and his whole life, kind of, was about survival, whether it was boxing, whether it was his life in general, whether it was outside of the ring, you know, it was always about survival.  And for me, he’s the most amazing sportsman that I’ve ever met.

DAVIES:  And I would think your family might have some split loyalties, heading into this games — GB, or Team USA?

BECKHAM:  Oh, no, their loyalty obviously lies with Team GB, but they’ll still be supporting the US team, because we’ve lived there now for 6 years, we’ve been kind of bought in by the American public and people in LA.  And it’s been really incredible, the way we’ve kind of been made to feel at home.

DAVIES:  And we know you always have a busy life, but this week is nuts, frankly.  You’re here to do some Olympic stuff and then you’re flying back because of the football, and then back here for Friday.  How do you do it?  How do you fit that in?

BECKHAM:  It is what it is.  It’s my life; I wouldn’t change it and swap it for anything.  You know, obviously, I didn’t thing that I was going to be able to make the MLS All Stars game, but fortunately I can fly over, and fly in and fly out.  So it’s exciting, because I’m very proud to be involved in the All Star game and to be picked again this year, and come up against Chelsea, European Cup winners.  It’s an exciting thing to be involved in.


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